June 22, 2024

Thailand Elite Privilege Card Holders Get a Visa for Long-Term Stays

An Elite Thailand Visa is one of the Special Long-Stay Visas for foreigners who want to move to the Kingdom of Thailand as investors, high-income individuals, businessmen, digital nomads, retirees, and families, and who are members of the Thailand Privilege Card Holders, for a long-term stay between 5 and 10 years, which offers them many other benefits, such as VIP treatment in the airport, as well as the exclusive services of Golf courses, Spas, and Elite personal care, whatever any needs that concern need to be facilitated during the stay in Thailand. The Thailand Elite Visa was introduced in 2003 by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Thailand through the Thailand Privilege Card Ltd., which is called a Tourist Visa “PE”, or Privilege Entry Visa, of Thailand. The Thailand Privilege Entry Visa, with multiple entries as well as without so much paperwork or visits to the immigration office, as well as the Elite Visa holders can be allowed to stay in Thailand every visit for up to 1 year. The Thailand Elite Visa Membership and Application procedure can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months, depending on the nationality and criminal record of the applicant.
There is no income requirement to get the Thai Elite Visa except paying the membership. This is one of the requirements to qualify for Thai Elite Visa Membership, such as the applicant not being Bankrupt and having to pay the Membership Fee of 600,000 baht to 2 million baht. Thai Elite Visa Holders are not required to Pay Income Tax, but they can pay it if they want to.
It is like other foreigners who have other Types of Visas, so the Elite Visa holders can buy their own Condominiums in their name. However, the applicants who want to purchase the land as well as build a house can do so on a long-term basis on the land for a maximum of 30 years, and the foreigners will apply for a Permit to build the house in their own name. In this way, foreigners can own the house as they have a secured long-term lease on the land.
                            • The Thailand Elite Visa is a 5-year multiple-entry, renewable visa with a one-year extension period for each entry.
• The Thailand Elite Visa holder without any uninterrupted stay in Thailand as well as without the usual requirement to leave the country every 90 days same as other kinds of Thai Visas.
• The Thailand Elite Visa holder will be represented on the 90-day report required by the Immigration Office Thailand by Thailand Elite staff.
• Thailand Elite Visa holders will be facilitated by expedited Thailand immigration and passport control processing upon arrival in Thailand.
1- Thailand Elite Visa Qualifications:
The applicant must ensure the following qualifications:
• Possesses a foreigner’s passport with at least three blank pages.
• If the applicant has no Overstay record in Thailand, they are allowed to stay in Thailand under Thai Immigration laws.
• There is no minimum age requirement for this program, with the exception of the Elite Ultimate Privilege, which requires a minimum age of 20.
• Not having been sentenced to imprisonment by a court of law in any country, except for a negligent offense.
• Not having been Bankrupt
• Having not been declared such as incompetence, quasi-incompetence or a person of unsound mind.
2- Thailand Elite Visa Membership Fee:
The Thailand Elite Visa fee depends on the membership program. So, there are different kinds of Membership programs, which are available for Thailand Elite Visa, Benefits, Fees, and each varying in validity as follows:
a- Elite Easy Access:
• Thailand Elite Visa is valid for five years.
• It costs 600,000 baht and has no Annual Fee.
• You can choose to upgrade to Elite Ultimate Privilege.
• No age restrictions for members.
b- Elite Family Excursion for a Minimum of 2 People:
• The Thailand Elite Visa is valid for 5 years.
• It costs 800,000 baht per year for two people.
•The fee for the additional family member is 300,000 baht.
c- Elite Family Alternative:
• The membership is valid for ten years.
• The Thai Elite Visa is valid for 5 years and is renewable for another 5 years.
• It costs 800,000 baht and has no annual fee.
• The fee for an extra family member is 700,000 Thai baht.
d- Elite Privilege Access:
• Membership is valid for ten years.
• Thai Elite Visa is valid for 5 years and can be renewed for another 5 years.
• Its fee is one million baht, with no annual fee.
• An additional family member costs 800,000 baht.
• There are no age restrictions.
e- Elite Superiority Extension:
• Membership is valid for 20 years.
• Its fee is 1 million baht without an annual fee.
• Thai Elite Visa validity: 5 years, renewable for another 5 years, equivalent to 4 sets of 5-year multi-entry visas.
f- Elite Ultimate Privilege:
• Membership is valid for 20 years.
• It has a fee of 2.14 million baht as well as an annual fee of 21,400 baht.
• Thai Elite Visa validity: 5 years, renewable for another 5 years, equivalent to 4 sets of 5-year multi-entry visas.
• Members should be more than 20 years of age.
g- Elite Family Premium:
• This visa is Applicable to the family members of Elite Ultimate Privilege
• A one-million-baht membership fee, plus a 10,000-baht annual fee
• The validity of Elite Visa depends on the membership and validity of Elite Ultimate Privilege family member.
• This visa is renewable every five years, resulting in four sets of five-year multi-entry visas.
Apply for a Thailand Elite Visa
3- Membership Application and Background Checking:
An individual may apply for the Elite Visa of Thailand while in Thailand or abroad and has to send a scanned copy of the individual’s passport as well as an application form to an accredited Thailand Elite Visa agent. Then, the Thai visa agent will start working with the Elite Office under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Bureau of Immigration to do the necessary immigration as well as check the criminal background record. This process can take 30 days for most nationalities in the countries and can take up to 90 days for special countries.
4- How to Pay the Membership Fee:
After checking and passed the background record of the applicant, on approval of the application, the applicant has to be instructed to transfer the membership fee ranging from 600,000 baht to 2 million baht, which depends on the membership package the applicant has applied for. The payment fee for the membership can be transferred through the bank.
5- Acceptance of Membership:
The applicant may receive the Membership ID as well as instructions on how to get the Thai Elite Visa on completion of the bank transfer membership fee payment.
6- Issuance of Thai Elite Visa:
The Elite member may apply for a Thai Elite visa at any Thai embassy or consulate in the country of residence. The applicant will drop off the passport and, after the next day, come back to collect the passport at the relevant Thai embassy or consulate. However, the applicant can get the Thailand Elite Visa on Arrival at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand, if it is not convenient to apply through the Thai embassy or consulate. In the event that the Thai Elite member is in Thailand, the Thai Elite agent can arrange the Thai Elite visa issue at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok, Thailand.
7- Requirements of Documents for Thailand Elite Visa Application:
                          The following documents are required for the submission of an application for the Thailand Elite membership:
• A copy of the individual’s passport profile page, with at least three blank pages in the passport.
• ID photo in color with a white background.
• A fully completed Thai Elite Visa application form.
• a copy of proof of relationship for any family members applying alongside the main applicant.

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