April 13, 2024

Koh Lanta Island, Long Beach (Pra Ae Beach), Krabi Province, Thailand:
Long Beach is also known as Pra Ae Beach and is located in the Koh Lanta district of Krabi province, Thailand.       Long Beach is the most popular and longest island, with a length of almost five kilometers, just below Klong Dao Beach. Around the beach, there are many luxury resorts, bamboo bungalows, restaurants, bars, and cafes, but not many sunbeds on the beach. Saladan Pier and the legendary Saladan village are not far from Long Beach. From the west Beach of Koh Lanta, you can also enjoy a Magnificent View of the Sunset.
Long Beach is a beautiful, arch-shaped beach with sand that is rugged in places and mixed with shells and stones. The water at the beach is very transparent and clear, which turns into a barely greenish-blue color with the green surroundings of the beach. However, it provides some needed shade during the summer days. There are many buildings consisting of small wooden salas that give the beach a Thai and tropical look.

During the months of December and January, Koh Lanta is in high season and the beach is always crowded with tourists.      The Long beach is located right on the main road of Koh Lanta, which leads from the north of Saladan village to the south of Koh Lanta National Park. From Saladan village, tourists can reach the beach by car in 15 minutes. Tourists can enjoy their holiday in Long Beach for a long time, relaxing with family and friends with a magnificent view of Koh Lanta’s sunset.
Long Beach is really a fantastic place for swimming and is never disturbed by rocks on the bottom. There are many rocks in the water on the south side, which are much more visible at low tide. We never recommend diving in the waters. But you can also dive and see a few nice fish. There are many nice resorts and bamboo bungalows, but cheap or expensive accommodation always varies from nice luxury to back to basics in a very nice small bungalow. That depends on your choice, but the quality of price ratio on Koh Lanta is better than on the surrounding islands. There is also a 7-Eleven shop in the south of Long Beach, as it is an ideal place to accumulate on some snacks and drinks in Long Beach.

Are you having a lot of adventurous fun in Long Beach?
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