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Blockchain Technology Supports the Medical Tourism Industry of Thailand for Foreign Tourists

Blockchain Technology Supports the Medical Tourism Industry of Thailand for Foreign Tourists
Thailand is a popular destination for Medical Tourism as well as one of the leading destinations for Medical Tourism in Asia. The Thai Healthcare System is Modern, Advanced and Affordable for foreign Medical Tourists. Thailand is ranked higher than the average of sixth among 41 Countries as an appealing Tourist Destination, according to the Medical Tourism Industry. As per official estimation, more than 1 million Travelers come to Thailand for Medical Treatment every year. The number of foreign Medical Tourists coming to      Thailand has been increasing day by day for many reasons, such as High-quality Healthcare Care Services, Fair Costs for Medical Treatments, as well as World-Class developed Tourism basic Structure as well as observant.
The use of Blockchain Technology in Medical Tourism can help the Thai Government’s Goal of restoring the Travel and Hospitality Industry. leading effort by the National Institute of Development Administration, which has laid out the opportunities and barriers to constructing a Medical Tourism Blockchain Platform in Thailand.
The Platforms, Powered by Blockchain Technology, allow the Doctors to Generate the Profiles without the help of the major Hospitals for foreign Patients. These Platforms will be utilized to collect centralized data on each Patient’s Treatment in the Past, Present, and Future. Foreign Medical Tourists can turn to these platforms directly to consult the Doctors.
National Institute of Development Administration is persuaded that fast-growing Blockchain Technology is the essential for the rapid Tourism recovery as well as moving the country into a large numbers of Medical Treatment Destination. It is the initial development of the axis by building an Online Platform, which offers the Tourists to easy access Medical and Travel information. Information Technology is an important feature to enable the fast growth of Medical Tourism, such as Tourism Services, Hospitality, Affordable Costs as well as all Treatment Options.
The Chief of Thailand Tourism have Welcomed the Technology of Blockchain as a way of boosting the Post Covid-19 Pandemic Tourism plea of the Kingdom of Thailand. This is a challenge to create a Platform with Travel Operators which answers the both the Tourism as well as Medical demand of International Travelers. The Authorities of the kingdom of Thailand accept that the Technology of Blockchain will play a vital role on this occasion.
Medical Tourism benefaction to the Economic Growth in adjoining areas, such as Tourism, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical and Transportation. The extent of Medical Tourism is returned in the shape of rapidly increasing the number of Medical Tourists, which estimated to be 20-24 million International Patients around the World.



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